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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Same Day Agra Tour by Car, Through Classic Tours India

Classic Tours India giving you an opportunity to plan your Same Day Agra Tour by Car. It means One Day Tour of Agra city, which is located on the river bank of Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh (India) This city popular for the history brave Mughal emperors and also famous of their delicious sweet Pethas. If you want to know more about Agra so book your tour now…

We are offering an Amazing tour of Agra city, means Same Day Agra Tour by Car.  Agra is one of the historical cities which’s beauty is Praiseworthy. Their established  Tombs, Gardens, Temples and One of the most historical monument Taj Mahal, which is known as Mumtaz Mahal because the Mughal emperor Shahjahan was the husband of Mumtaz  and the Taj Mahal was made by the Shahjahan in year1631 after the death of Mumtaz, the real name of Mumtaz was(Arjumand Banu) and Shahjahan was (Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram). They were loved very much to each other. Taj Mahal is the sign of the true love of Shahjahan & Mumtaz. Taj Mahal was built white marbles, and it took twenty years to complete by twenty-two workers.

Amazing Gardens of Taj Mahal- The garden that beautifies the monument of love, beginning from the entryway and spreading across to the base of the mausoleum is one of the leading highlights of visiting Taj Mahal. The concept of this garden (popularly known as Paradise Garden), built in the Persian Timurid style, was brought in by Babur. A unique attribute followed while constructing this garden is the usage of the number four and its multiples. This was done as four is considered as the holiest number in Islam. The enchanting garden is divided into four parts, with two marble canals studded with the fountains occupying the center. Each quarter portion of the garden has 16 flowerbeds each of which was planted with 400 plants. The Taj Garden abounds with lush trees, chirping birds, fruits, flowers, and symmetry, signifying the abstract meaning of paradise. This quaint setting makes for a wonderful backdrop for those perfect shots. Taj Mahal Tour by car

Explore Fatehpur Sikri- Fatehpur Sikri was made the by Emperor Akbar from the period of 1571 to 1585. The capital was later shifted to the city of Agra. There are majestic buildings built by Akbar in Fatehpur Sikri. There is a fort in the site which is a blend of Mughal and Persian architecture. The ideal time for undertaking tours to Fatehpur Sikri is between the months of November and February. The weather is this part of the year is pleasant with sunny skies and little rainfall. Fatehpur Sikri is considered as one of the architectural legacies of Emperor Akbar. It consists of beautiful palaces, halls, and mosques. There are many visiting places like Buland Darwaza, Diwani-i-Khas, Panch Mahal and Tomb of Salim Chisti.

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Friday, 26 September 2014

Same Day Agra Tour- the beauty of Taj City

This trip covering the famous city of Agra in just one day. This One Day trip includes Visit all Beautiful Monuments in Agra. The Taj Mahal is the most visited monument in Agra.

Agra is the famous city of India and famous for Taj Mahal wonder of World. Taj Mahal is main tourist attraction of Agra. Agra is known as Taj city of India in all over world. The famous tourist attractions in Agra like Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort and Taj Mahal. The trip also offers a small shopping cum local sightseeing section which you can utilized for buying of Handicrafts and leather items.

Taj Mahal is one of the top wonder of the India, Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra at bank of river Yamuna. Taj Mahal was built using snow white marble, making it a beauty in itself. The surrounding area of Taj is very soothing and beautiful, covering a large area of 42 acres; it is no wonder that the first impression created by the Taj Mahal is amazing; it is the favorite tourist site of Agra.

After The Taj Mahal, you visit the second monument of Agra. Agra Fort was constructed by Akbar, being very old in age; it still stands with pride like many other Indian Historic sites, spread all over India. Agra Fort is a historic site of your same day Agra Tour.

There are many famous places that you can visit, these includes the Khas Mahal and Jahangir Palace that was built by Shahjahan of Mughal Empire. Agra Fort in Agra contains beautiful mosques - Nagina Masjid, Meena Masjid, Sheesh Mahal, Khas Mahal and Meena Bazar. Your same day Agra Tour by Train is half completed with you traveled to Taj Mahal, Agra Fort. Now have a lunch at a five star hotel, the agency representative will takes care of all the arrangements.

Now the next site is Fatehpur Sikri, located only 40 km from Agra, built of Mughal Emperor Akbar, the city is deserted now and covered in red sandstone. Sikri is famously called the Ghost Town, here you will find the Tomb of Saint Salim Chisti, and you can view it from distance.

After you return from Skiri your same day Agra Tour by train finishes with visiting the Agra market, famous for its soft-stone inlay work and marble made items, chilan work fabrics. The deserted capital of Fatehpur Sikri can also be explored during the trip. Also, do not forget to visit the Tomb of Emperor Akbar which is situated at Sikandra on the Delhi-Agra highway. The tour is incomplete if one does not try the traditional Mughlai cuisines. Taj Mahal Tours is also renowned amongst the honeymooners who get inspired by the story of Taj Mahal of eternal love.

Sikandra: Tomb of Akbar – Sikandra fort is located about a distance of 10 KM from city center towards west on the road connecting Mathura and Pandit Radharaman Satyavichitra Road of Agra.

Getting around:

By Road:
The best way to get Agra is by Car, Coach and private Taxi. The national highway (NH2) which runs from Delhi to Agra goes through Mathura. Same Day Agra Tour by Car

By Train:
Agra is also well connected by trains including the prominent high speed Shatabdi Train the Taj Express between Delhi to Agra. Same Day Agra Tour by Train

Now the agency representative can either take you to a hotel where you can rest for the night, and pick your flight next morning, or they can directly take you to the airport.

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